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annual research budget

Research areas

Both faculty members and students conduct research in different areas like: Physiological study of plant, growth and yield, Pathological study including identification, isolation, preservation and culture, Entomological study, rearing and useful & harmful insects or other animal pests, Critical analysis of soil ingredients, nutrients in relation to agricultural crops, Collection and preservation of herbarium of Agricultural corps. Solid and liquid waste management and biomass recycling and composting and energy production, Biotechnology- tissue culture and cytogenetic study, Behavioral study of Aquatic animal and Spirulina biomass production, Anatomical studies of animals and Agricultural Crops, Climatological studies related to agriculture crops (GIS), Livestock culture practice both in the lab and field, study of Horticultural practices for Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables, Spices planting or medicinal plants, Mushroom and yeast culture practice in the laboratory, Development of Nursery Plantation and pot plantation, Development of Agriculture engineering including irrigation and farm mechanization, Development of Food processing, preservation and milk pasteurization, Development of Agriculture germplasm center, Study on Flora and fauna for different water bodies in an around Dhaka city and in different seasons.

Fund and Facilities

Fund and facilities are provided by the IUBAT authority for functioning research and extension activities for the College of Agricultural Sciences. The authority always supports all kinds of activities related to research and extension purposes. Fund is also received from national and international projects for conducting agricultural research.

Fund Hunting

The specialized faculty members submit new projects to MAMRI and different donor agencies for continuous support for research and extension activities. Technical assistance is received from different donors from home and abroad, especially Ministry of Science and Technology, GoB, Winrock International, Asia Pacific Network (APN) and USAID.

Dissemination of Research Findings

The faculties who conduct research work share their research findings across the whole community; the other faculties also provide feedback on the shared works. Such sharing and feedback culture enhances team work and enriches research knowledge in the respective fields.

Faculty Research

Prof Dr Md. Shohidullah Miah

Title: Involved with research on Textile Wastewater Treatment by using UASB and Bio-filtration process

Concept of UASB Process for Textile Wastewater Treatment: The anaerobic process is a high quality treatment process. It has several advantages such as low cost, simple operational mechanism and the ability to produce less excess sludge. The organic matter can be converted into energy in the form of biogas. Therefore, the anaerobic process is beneficial in terms of environmental protection and economic viability. In Bangladesh, the anaerobic process is completely new. It can reduce environmental pollution and generate energy in biogas from wastewater. The anaerobic process occurs in the absence of oxygen and converts the organic compound into CH4 and CO2. Therefore, anaerobic treatment is an alternative source of bio-energy and bio-fertilizer as well as reducing environmental pollution.

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Dr.Shaila Sharmin

Title: Performance of Bt and Non BtBrinjal at IUBAT Agricultural Research Field

The Bangladesh government gaveapproval for Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) to release four varieties of Btbrinjal on 30th October 2013 as the country’s first genetically modified (GM) crop which is infused with a pest resistant gene.The biggest constraint to eggplant production throughout Asia is chronic and widespread infestation of the eggplant fruit and shoot borer(EFSB).In btbrinjalbt protein controls the main pest, EFSB, but does not affect other eggplant pests.

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Prof. Dr. AM Farooque

Project Title: Tomaalo production by grafting process with Tomato & Potato

A field experiment was conducted at Agricultural field under Department of College of Agricultural Sciences, IUBAT—International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, Dhaka to evaluate the Tomaalo production by grafting process with Tomato & Potato. The Tomaalo plant is produced by grafting a tomato and a potato plant. They yield both potatoes and tomatoes without affecting the quality of the crop. Even though they may not strike you as related, both these plants are part of the same family – the Solanaceae (nightshade) family. Although these plants can’t be crossbred, they can be grafted, growing both tomatoes from the tomato shoot and potatoes from the rootstock, saving valuable space in gardens and fields.

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Student Research

Research Courses

The department offers a number of courses that make the students familiar with the research skills required to conduct research in Agricultural Sciences fields.

Research Initiatives

The department encourages the students to initiate researches in different areas both in narrow and wide scale. The worthy initiatives receive research grants and other supports.

Project Work/Submission

The department puts much emphasis on the development of maturity of knowledge acquired by the students. Learners are supposed to design and accomplish project works in many courses, and thus they enhance their research skills.


IUBAT Review

The IUBAT Review is a multidisciplinary academic jounal that the editors  intend to publish annually.

Research Monographs

IUBAT has published a number of  scholarly and distinguished research monographs.


IUBAT preserves a big database of all publications that is categorically organized for the user’s convenience.

Conference Proceedings

IUBAT, as a part of knowledge creation and knowledge sharing, encourages all forms of initiatives.