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Dr Muhammad Rehan Dastagir: Environmental Sustainability

Research Title: APN(Asia-Pacific Network) Project on Environmental Sustainability:

APN-funded project ARCP2012-06CMY-IGBP/ARCP2011-16NMY-IGBP. This multi-year ARCP project titled “An International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Synthesis Theme on: Global Environment Change and Sustainable Development: Needs of Least Developed Countries” has successfully been completed as implemented by Dr. Karen Smyth, from the IGBP. Web link:

Involved in Sustainable Education at IUBAT:

i). Acting as a Co-coordinator in Regional Centre of Expertise, RCE Greater Dhaka for United Nation University, Japan project on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) since 2013 till now.

ii). Trained up to 3000 undergraduates students at IUBAT on sustainability education


Journal Articles:

  • Dastagir, M. R., (2015). Modeling Recent Extreme Climate Change Induced Extreme Events in Bangladesh: A Review, Weather and Climate Extremes, Vol 7: Pp 49-60. Elsevier.

  • Tarique, S.M, Dastagir, M.R. (2016). Solar Energy Policy in Dhaka City. Asian Journal of Human Development and Livelihood, 5(1), Pp-68-80.ISSN 2250-3161.
  • Dastagir,M.R., Rahman, M.A., Hoque, M,A.,(2017).“Mobilizing Education for Sustainable Development Program in the Regional Centre of Expertise Greater Dhaka: IUBAT Whole-Institution approach of Global Action Program.” IUBAT Review 1 (2): 49-64.

Book Chapters:

  • Dastagir, M.R., (2018), Microorganisms for managing climate change impacts, SPRINGER NATURE. Book chapter (work in progress).
  • Dastagir, M.R., Rahman, M.A., (2018). Developing education for sustainable development course curricula following pedagogy approach. Ajoint publication of UNU-IAS and UNESCO Bangkok on the proposed book ‘Multi-stakeholder Approach to Education for Sustainable Development in Local Communities for the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals’.

Conference Papers:

  • Impact of regional circulation on meteorology and extreme events over Asia for present and future climate conditions. Climate Dynamics, Springer, ISSN: 1432-0894 (Manuscript CLDY-D-17-00918).
  • Impact of technology for sustainable development in drought-prone environment in Bangladesh. Conference proceeding on 13th International Knowledge Globalization Conference held in Dhaka 2018. (Conference Proceeding Under Process)


i). Working as a National Consultant of UNESCO Bangladeshsince 2018


i). 13th International Knowledge Globalization Conference 2018 Dhaka, Bangladesh organized by Knowledge Globalization Institute, Boston, MA, USA.

ii). Scientific proposal development training workshop for young scientists, Paro, Bhutan, December 2016 organized by Asia Pacific Network, APN Japan.

iii). National Conference on Current Environmental Issues, 2015, Dhaka, Bangladesh, organized by   Bangladesh PoribeshAndolon( BAPA).

iv). ESD Forum  in South Korea 23 May, 2015.

V). 8th Asia Pacific Regional Center of Expertise ( AP-RCE) Meeting, Cebu and Bohol, Philippines, 5-8 March, 2015.

vi). IGBP-APN write a paper workshop in Thailand August 26-30, 2013, Title of the paper: Modeling Extreme Climatic Events in Bangladesh: A Review.

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