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Job Sectors

Job Opportunities in Agricultural Research Institutes

  • Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI)
  • Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI)
  • Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA)
  • Bangladesh Jute Research Institute (BJRI)
  • Bangladesh Forest Research Institute (BFRI)
  • Bangladesh Tea Research Institute (BTRI)
  • Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute (BSRI)
  • Bangladesh Institute of Research and Training on Applied Nutrition (BIRTAN)

Jobs in Civil Service

  • Administrative job through general BCS examination (Foreign, Police, Customs, Tax, Administration)

Jobs in Non-Government Agricultural Organization

  • ACI-Advanced Chemical Industries
  • BRAC-Bangladesh Rural Advanced Committee
  • Syngenta Limited
  • Buyer CropScience Limited
  • Incepta Pesticides Company
  • RDRS-RongpurDinajpur Rural Service, Rongpur
  • Supreme Seed Limited
  • LalTeer Seed Limited
  • Babylon Agri Science Ltd
  • British American Tobacco Company Ltd
  • TMSS-ThengamaraMohilasabujSangha, Bogura
  • Square Agro-chemical
  • Aftab Agro-industries Ltd.
  • Kazi Agro-Industries Ltd.
  • Kohinoor Chemical Industries
  • Asha Agro-Industries
  • Pran Agro-industries Ltd.
  • International organization-FAO, USAID, UNDP
  • CP Bangladesh Co Ltd
  • EH.Agrovet Ltd
  • Grow More Agro-science
  • Promot Agro-company Ltd
  • Surovi Agro-industries
  • Croplife Bangladesh
  • Unichem Agro-limited

Entrepreneurship in Agriculture Sector

Our BSAg graduates may develop agricultural farms

Jobs Overseas

  • Bangladeshi people are taking lease fallow land for agro-farming in different countries in Africa and the Middle East where many agricultural graduates are getting job opportunities
  • IUBAT Agriculture graduates are gettingjobs in FAO, UNDP, USAID, World Bank, etc. as project officers

Jobs in the Education Sector

  • BSAg graduate can participate in the Nibondhon Examination for the position of Lecturer in all Govt. & Non-Govt. Colleges in Agriculture subject
  • BSAg graduates can join as instructorsin all Non-Govt. Agricultural Training Institutes(ATI). There are 180 non-govt. ATIs in Bangladesh. Each of the ATIs requires 15 instructors.

Jobs in the Agriculture Sector:

  • Upazila Agriculture Extension Officer through BCS examination
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC)
  • Rural Development Academy (RDA)
  • Cotton Development Board (CDB)
  • Department of Environment (DoE)
  • Department of Forest (DoF)

Jobs in Govt. and Non-govt. Banking Sector:

  • Bankers recruitment committee from Bangladesh Bank select officers including Agriculture graduates in different banks through competitive examination
  • Different private banks are also recruiting a large number of Agriculture graduates

Scenario of Agriculture Graduates in Bangladesh

Agricultural Graduates from Different Universities No. of Graduates/Yr
1. IUBAT 150
2. Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) 700
3. Shere-e-Bangla Agricultural University (SAU) 500
4. BongabandhuAgricultural University (BSMRAU) 400
5. SylhetAgricultural University (SAU) 200
6. Khulna  University (KU) 150
7. Rajshahi University (RU) 100
8. Potuakhali University of Science and Technology (PUST) 300
9. Haji-Danesh University of Science and Technology (HDUST) 500
Total Agriculture Graduates 3000


Job opportunities Sectors for Agriculture Graduates Expected Post/Yr
Research Areas 500
Education Sector 2000
Agricultural Extension Sector 2000
Non-Government Organization 2000
Banking Sector 100
International organization &Others 400
Total 7000