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Dr. Mohammed Ataur Rahman

Professor (Special)
PhD (ANU, USA), MSc, BSc (DU)
MSc, Postgraduate Diploma (UK)

Room # 107 | Ext # 134

Professor Dr Mohammed Ataur Rahman is the Director of Centre for Global Environmental Culture (CGEC) and Program on Education for Sustainability and Professor of College of Agricultural Sciences at IUBAT University. Professor Rahman is a Plantation Crop, Forestry and Agriculture Specialist and also Coordinator of WWOOF Bangladesh. As a Faculty of Agriculture, he teaches Ecology and Crop Climatology, Environmental Science, Sustainable and Urban Agriculture and Plant Physiology. Professor Rahman worked as Contributing Author with Late Professor M Alimullah Miyan, Former Vice Chancellor and Lead Author IPCC Working Group II and Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC) and Disaster Management. He is also entrusted with the Indian Journal of Humanities (IJH) as Chief Editor. Moreover, he is the Executive Director and Coordinator of RCE Greater Dhaka acknowledged by UNU-IAS.

Professor Rahman is also working as Chief Consultant of Forestry, Environment, Plantation Crops and Permaculture Consultancy and Research (FEPPCAR), Dhaka, Bangladesh. Previously, He worked as a Senior Manager, Forestry and Plantation Crops, with 13 and a half years of experience in the Finlays’ Plantation Industry of Bangladesh working with a number of the World’s leading brands including Finlay Tea, Timber, Bamboo, Rubber, Canes and Black pepper, Betel Leaf etc. He possess specialised knowledge of environmental and habitat of Tropical Forest Plants, especially, Tea and Rubber and Non-Timber Forest crops.
He is also experienced with plantation establishment and management of plantation crops viz. Tea, Timber, Coconut, Bamboo, Fruits and Spices, etc. and forest resource exploitation and with specialisation in wood preservation techniques. He is actively associated with multidisciplinary activities like ecoagriculture, organic farming, permaculture, multiple and multi-strata cropping culture for sustainable rural livelihood.

He worked for Sustainable Agriculture and Development with the World Bank’s International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology (IAAST).
Before joining Finlays, he served Bangladesh Forest Industries Development Corporation (BFIDC) and Rural Electrification Board (REB) of Bangladesh for twelve years with significant contribution in development of forest industries and timber products.

Scientific Articles are being published regularly in the English and Bangla News Papers like The Daily Star, Bangladesh Observer, News Today, Financial Express and Inquilab, Destiny etc.