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Dr Mujibur Rahman Khan

PhD, MS in Agronomy (Philippines)
MSc, BSc Hons (Pakistan)
Room # 517 | Ext # 136
Cell: 01714210833
Specialized: Agronomy, Genetics & Plant Breeding and

Prof Dr Mujibur Rahman Khan, owns a PhD and an MS Degree from the University of the Philippines at Los Banos with research work done in IRRI. Earlier he got his BSc (Hons) Agri and MSc(Hons) Agri degrees in Plant Breeding and Genetics from the University of Agriculture Lyallpur,(now Faisalabad) ,Punjab, Pakistan.

He received 19 professional trainings home (13) and abroad (6). To mention a few are: Application of R Program for Advanced Statistical Analysis in Agricultural Research, Improved Management of Agricultural Education and Training Programs , Teaching-Learning, Curriculum & Quality Assurance ,Strengthening Pedagogical Skills of Teachers, Grant Proposal Writing and Grant Project Management, Faculty Development Program, Genetic Evaluation and Utilization (GEU)/IRRI; Project Appraisal Monitoring and Evaluation, Manila: Trade And Investment in ADFIMI members (TRNC, Cyprus); Certificate in Community Based Microfinance, Coady Intl Inst,St Fx Uni Halfax, Canada ; Microcredit Summit Campaign, Volladolid, Spain; 6th Advanced Course on Admn and Development (BPATC,Savar); Irrigation Water Production Function,BARI/BARC/USU,USA; First Biological Nitrogen Fixation Research-Extension,Training, BARI/NifTAL, Hawaii,USA; Rice Production Training. BRRI/IRRI etc.

Dr Khan started his career as a teacher in Bhaluka College , Mymensingh in 1973. Later on he joined Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) as a Scientific Officer in 1974. He served in Gregorio Arenata University Foundation (GAUF) Metro Manila, Philippines as a part time faculty ( Asst Professor) of Agriculture. Besides BRRI he also served in Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) as an Associate Scientist in a FAO funded Accelerated Pulses Improvement Project for a short period. He served in two donor funded successful agricultural development projects :CDP/CIDA/MOA and ATDP/IFDC/USAID/ MOA in Bangladesh as an international consultant for more than 7 years.

After serving more than 6 years as Managing Director of two Govt owned Banks, he joined the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (IBB) ,the apex body for the Diploma in Banking Examinations as its Secretary General. He joined IUBAT as a Faculty (CAS) in 2010. He enjoys teaching and conducting research on contemporary issues that include climate change, innovations in agriculture and socio economic aspects (such as KBAD, agricultural economics, microcredit and poverty alleviation). Dr MR Khan is also the Coordinator of Consultancy Training Research and Publication Division. He has been assigned as the Director of Academic Innovation Fund Management Unit (AIFMU/ HEQEP) , a World Bank supported Project of University Grants Commission (UGC).